Telling My Story through Photography

Ah yes, my favorite part about photography. A lot of motivation for the photography I do comes from looking at photographers from back when black and white photography was in its prime and shot on film. My favorite type of photography (though very broad) is street photography – which I believe stems from photojournalism. Consequently, a lot of my favorite photos are ones I believe very clearly portray these stories going on.

When I first started this blog, I wasn’t too sure about the direction that I wanted to take. I still really don’t. For the most part, I wanted to talk about technique, art style, types of film, types of gear, the technicalities of taking certain photos. Right now, I’m not sure this is the exact path I want to follow with this blog. Do I want to pursue these types of posts further? Or do I want to focus more on the story telling and my thought processes when taking photos? I could even split the posts into personal and technical categories, I suppose. I’ve even debated on buying a GoPro, attaching it to my camera, and showing a bit of what goes on when I take photos – though I feel that is easy to come by for many people nowadays.

So I guess I leave this up to you all who are reading my posts. What would you like to see? And if you’re new to my site, don’t be a stranger. What would you like to see in future posts? At the moment, I am really trying to post at least once a week – whether it’s a large post or just a small update. I’m thinking Wednesdays would be a good day of the week to release some new content as that would leave my weekends free to create.

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